The Different Types Of Soils Around The World In Different Countries & In Different Climates

The Different Soils Found In Different Countries Worldwide, & In Different Climates

Soils differ from country to country, and state to state within different countries.

In this guide, we outline the different soils worldwide in different countries.


Firstly, Why Do Soils Differ Worldwide – From Country To Country, & In Different Climates?

Because there are several different factors that determine how soils develop and form, and these factors differ from country to country.

The type of climate is a factor in how soils develop and form, and climates differ not only country to country, but state to state as well.

Read more about the factors that determine how soil forms and develops in this guide.

You can also see a general map of the different soil biomes and soil orders around the world on one big map at 


Soils In The United States

Soils across the 50 states in the United States vary:

  • Soils are the product of climate, organisms and topography, acting on parent (geologic) material over time. Thus the great diversity of geologic materials, geomorphic processes, climatic conditions, biotic assemblages and land surface ages in the United States is responsible for the presence of an enormous variety of mineral and organic soils. (Most of the mineral soils contain significant quantities of organic matter, but not enough to qualify for classification as organic soils.) 


Overall, there’s 12 different types of soil orders in the US, each with different characteristics. Read more about them at:


Each state in the US has a different representative soil. You can read more about the representative soil for each US state at:



Soils In The UK

… there are over 1,800 British soils with a range of different profile types, despite the modest land area and limited range of cool, temperate climates (

You can view a map of the basic soil types across Britain here:


The UK Soils Observatory also has a soilscape map you can check out on their website.


Soils In India

Soils in India can be broken down into:

  • Alluvial Soil
  • Black Soil
  • Yellow Soil, and Red Soil
  • Laterite Soil
  • Arid Soil 
  • Saline Soil
  • Peaty Soil
  • Mountain Soil
  • Other Soils

–, and


A more in depth breakdown of Indian soils, what locations they are found in, and what can be grown in them can be read at:



Soils In Australia

Soils in Australia can be broken down into:

  • Stony and Shallow Soils
  • Soils Of The Alpine & Perhumid Zones
  • Soils Of The Humid Zones
  • Soils Of The Seasonably Humid Zones
  • Soils Of The Semi Arid Zones
  • Soils Of The Arid Zones



A comprehensive summary and breakdown of Australian soils can be read at:

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