What Grows Well In Silty Soil

What Grows Well In Silty Soil

Different soils have different textures and properties that should be considered when growing different things in them.

In this short guide, we outline what might grow well in silty soils.


Characteristics Of, & Profile Of Silty Soil

  • Has medium particle size (somewhere in between clay and sand in terms of size), and a silky texture
  • Is a light soil that is easy to compact
  • Decent water retention
  • Decent aeration
  • It’s fairly fertile, although some say it doesn’t hold nutrients as well as a more structured soil like clay
  • Generally needs to be managed in terms of drainage, structure and nutrients
  • Good for growing a variety of different things with the right management


Amending, Improving & Working With Silty Soil

Silty soil might benefit from the addition of composted organic matter to help improve drainage, add structure, and add nutrients.

You can read more about working with silty soil at:

  • http://agverra.com/blog/silty-soil/


A Note On Soil Types, & What Ultimately Impacts How Things Grow

Before we look at what grows well in silty soil, it’s important to note that all soils are slightly different in composition depending on the location (you might get a pure silty soil in one location, but in another you might get a silty soil mixed more with other soils that has different characteristics), there are different external factors acting upon each soil, and ultimately, there are many physical, chemical and biological factors that determine how well something grows in a particular spot or under particular conditions.

This is just a guide on silty soils in general, without going into extreme depth about all these other factors (factors like soil fertility, soil health, soil quality, fertilizer added, top soil added, pesticides added, tilling practices and so on).

It would do you well in the long term to get information on the soil in your location (what it is and what is the best way to manage it), the climate in your location (temperature, rainfall etc.) and the growing seasons (for example – the US has different planting zones), the plants or things you want to grow and the conditions they need – and come up with a specific plan for your situation.


Plants, Flowers and Shrubs That Grow Well In Silty Soil

  • Mahonia
  • New Zealand flax

– learn.eartheasy.com


Perennials, roses, ferns, bulbs and shrubs:

  • Hostas
  • Hellebore
  • Cranesbill
  • Some types of roses
  • Butterfly Bush
  • Japanese Barberry
  • Smoke Tree
  • Some types of ferns
  • Some types of bulbs

– hunker.com



  • Yellow iris
  • Japanese iris
  • Swamp milkweed

– agverra.com


Vegetables, Crops and Fruit That Grow Well In Silty Soil

  • In silty soil with adequate drainage, most vegetables, crops and fruits grow well

– learn.eartheasy.com


Trees That Grow Well In Silty Soil

  • Moisture-loving trees such as Willow, Birch, Dogwood and Cypress



Trees and shrubs:

  • Weeping willow
  • Bald cypress
  • Red twig dogwood
  • River birch
  • Red chokeberry
  • American elder

– agverra.com



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