Working With, Amending & Improving Different Soil Types

Working With, Amending & Improving Different Soil Types

Different soil types have different characteristics and properties.

With this being the case, it takes a slightly different approach to amend or improve different soil types for growing and gardening.


Summary – How To Amend & Improve Different Soil Types

We’ve put together guides on the different soil types, how to work with them and amend them, and what might grow well in each of them:


How To Test The Soil You Have

There are many tests you can do on soil with soil testing kits, getting professionals in to test your garden and give you a soil amendment plan, and even test the soil with your eyes and hands.

Once you have inspected and tested the soil yourself, you can always go to a local gardening nursery or shop and show them photos of the soil, along with describing your experience of doing different tests, for a second opinion on the soil.


Sometimes, It May Be Better To Import New Soil Than Amend Existing Soil …

Read more about problem soils for growing and gardening in this guide.

Importing new soil and working outside of the natural soil in raised garden beds for example may be a better option for some plots of land and gardens. But, it always depends on the specific conditions.



1. Linked soil guides in the post above

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