Where & How To Buy Organic Cotton: A Short Checklist

Where & How To Buy Organic Cotton: A Short Checklist

Whether it’s your first time or not, you might want to know where and how to buy organic cotton.

In this very short checklist, we’ve given you some of our best tips in order to make sure you know what you’re paying for, and how find it.


Where To Buy Organic Cotton


  • Search through Google for the type of organic product you want e.g. ‘organic cotton bed sheets’, and go to a brand’s website

In Store

  • Go to a shop in your local area that sells cotton products – you could also do a Google search before you head out ‘organic cotton [name of your town or city]’


What To Look For When Buying Organic Cotton

There’s probably two things you want to look for:

  • Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) Symbol – which addresses the textile’s processing stages and includes strong labor provisions. GOTS cotton has to meet certain environmental, social and quality standards in order to be certified
  • A statement that some type of traceability standard is being used that is enforced by an accredited third-party certification body. You can then go check that body’s standards yourself. They should cover everything from the farms that follow organic practices, to factories that process organic cotton separately from conventionally grown cotton, and for shipments of organic cotton between different companies in the supply chain i.e. the whole production and supply chain.

Other certifications and accreditation certificates like quality accreditations, USDA’s National Organic Program, Fairtrade, Fair Wear and Carbon Neutral accreditations might also be of interest to you.


  • Look at the individual product description for mention that certification or accreditation applies
  • Look at the ‘About’ section on the website for a description of all products listed on the website, and that certification is mentioned

In Store

  • Look on the product tag or label for certification symbols


Before You Buy Organic Cotton


What To Avoid When Buying Organic Cotton

  • Products that say ‘organic’ without providing any certification/accreditation symbols, labels or guarantees/information on how it it was grown, produced and supplied, along with standards.

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