What Is The Most Fertile Soil?

It’s a question that people often ask when they are getting into gardening, farming or any type of activity that involves growing plant life, crops, vegetables and so on …

“What is the most fertile soil?”

In this guide, we outline the what the most fertile soil might be, and the factors you need to consider in identifying and maintaining a soil that is going to be fertile and productive.


Summary – What Is The Most Fertile Soil?

There’s two main things to consider in answering this question:

Soil Type – A loamy type of soil is generally considered the most fertile type of soil as it combines the best characteristics/properties of sand, silt and clay type soils.

It tends to have good water drainage, good moisture retention and allows good infiltration of air and water.

You read more about the different soil types in this guide. (where we also give a more in depth description of what the ideal loam soil might look like)


Factors That Impact Soil Fertility & Productivity – But additionally, you need to consider the factors that impact the fertility and productivity of any soil type.

These include nutrient supply and organic matter, pH, parent material, clay content, moisture and water content, bulk density, and others factors.

You can read more about the factors that impact soil fertility and soil productivity in this guide.


But, there’s more to consider than just the above factors.

Ultimately, other factors like climate, geographic location, soil health, soil quality and more can play a role in how fertile and productive soil is in any one location.

Also, you have to consider what exactly it is you are growing or producing – as one example, some plants, vegetables or crops might like slightly more acidic type soils compared to others. Some crops might also need soil that retains far more moisture than others. You need to consider the ideal growing conditions for whatever it is you are trying to grow.

For example, the soil conditions required for growing a Gao Tree in Niger will be different to soil conditions required for growing wheat in Australia, and will be different again for growing cotton in Alabama.

There’s no one size fits all answer for what is the most fertile soil. There’s a general answer (provided above), but then you also have to take into account the specifics of the situation you want to grow, garden or produce in yourself. 


Where Is The Most Fertile Soil In The World?

Read more in this guide about where the most fertile soil in the world might be found.



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