What Do We Use Oil And Gas For? (Sectors & Countries That Use The Most Oil & Gas)

What Do We Use Oil And Gas For? (Sectors & Countries That Use The Most Oil & Gas)

In this guide we look at what we use oil and gas for in society.

We outline the sectors and countries that use the most oil and gas.


Summary – What We Use Oil & Gas For

The United States is a big consumer of total gas and oil (it can be a different story when you look at it on a per capita level).

In terms of natural gas – industry, commercial and residential, and electricity generation are all big users.

In terms of petroleum/oil, transportation and industrial are big users.


Sectors Of Society That Use The Most Oil & Gas


The annual use of oil and gas worldwide by sector/area of society is:

  • Transportation – 45%
  • Heating & Energy – 42%
  • Other – 5%
  • Chemicals – 4%
  • Plastic – Plastics 4%

– theconversation.com


United States

  • Just over one-quarter (27%) of [the United States’ primary energy in 2013] came from natural gas.
  • This energy is used across all of the sectors – transportation (3% of total natural gas consumption), industry (34%), residential and commercial buildings (32%), and electric power (31%).

– blogs.scientificamerican.com


In 2017, petroleum consumption by sector and share of total consumption was:

  • Transportation—14.02 million barrels per day (b/d)—71%
  • Industrial—4.76 million b/d—24%
  • Residential—0.52 million b/d—3%
  • Commercial—0.47 million b/d—2%
  • Electric power—0.10 million b/d—1%


Countries That Use The Most Oil & Gas

In 2015, the countries that consumed the most petroleum were:

  • United States—20.5%
  • China—12.6%
  • Japan—4.3%
  • India—4.3%
  • Russia—3.7%

– eia.gov


You can view the countries that consume the most natural gas at http://world.bymap.org/NaturalGasConsumption.html 

The top consuming countries (in total cubic metres consumed) are:

  • United States
  • Russia
  • China
  • Iran
  • Japan
  • Canada
  • Saudi Arabia

– world.bymap.org



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