Are GMOs Good Or Bad?

Are GMOs Good Or Bad?

A common question asked by the regular member of the public is whether GMOs are good or bad.

In this short guide, we link you to a few other guides that help explain further the impact of GMOs overall, for humans, for the environment and for wildlife.


Summary: Are GMOs Good Or Bad?

If you just go on the scientific consensus for GMOs, the current research suggests overall they have positive impact:


There is a scientific consensus that currently available food derived from GM crops poses no greater risk to human health than conventional food, but that each GM food needs to be tested on a case-by-case basis before introduction.



To date, more than 3,000 scientific studies have assessed the safety of these crops in terms of human health and environmental impact. These studies together with several reviews performed on a case-by-case from regulatory agencies around the world have enabled a solid and clear scientific consensus: GM crops have no more risk than those that have been developed by conventional breeding techniques.

In addition, there is also extensive literature that compiles the socioeconomic and environmental benefits that transgenic crops have reported in two decades of commercialization 



However, this there is also a long list of issues, concerns and risks associated with GMOs that need to be addressed now and into the future. So, the consensus may not tell the full story.


We put together a list of potential ideas and solutions for dealing with and managing GMOs in the future individually, and alongside organic and sustainable farming methods.


Are The Overall Pros & Cons Of GMOs Good Or Bad?

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Are GMOs Good Or Bad For Humans & Human Health?

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Are GMOs Good Or Bad For The Environment?

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Are GMOs Good Or Bad For Wildlife & Animals?

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Can The Research & Studies Into GMOs Be Trusted?

There are still questions of how that consensus has been reached – and there are people who question how much we should believe GMO studies and research.












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