Better Meets Reality exists as an independent outlet to explore ways to improve:

  • Individual life for humans, animals, and living things
  • The natural environment, economy and space we live in
  • And other collective systems, industries and sectors we’ve built and interact with in society

Sustainability is one of the key considerations at Better Meets Reality (but, short and mid term considerations are also important too obviously).   

The term ‘Better Meets Reality’ acknowledges that challenges and limitations (practical, technological, economic, political, social/cultural, institutional, and more), as well as competing interests and priorities, come with trying to make progress on individual and society wide issues in reality.

We expect to be continually challenging the way we are doing things to come up with the best result for humans, the environment, animals, the economy and other important aspects of society.


We reference other sources of information in some posts on the site. We have done this to make it clear and transparent how the content on this site may have been formed, where research may have originated from, and to show that the content on this site comes from a diverse range of sources. Information that is paraphrased or modified by us usually appears in [closed brackets]. However, we have also sometimes provided a reference for non closed brackets paraphrased information on the site, to give credit to the source our information may have partly originated from.

As such, always check the original source, and use your own discretion as to what you do with the information on this site. The information is intended as starting point for further research and as general information, and not as final information or expert advice. Check our Disclaimer page for more information on this.

We’ve made our best effort to only include specific and relevant parts of information from other sources (giving credit/reference where we have done so, and providing the full resource link where applicable). If you believe the information we have used infringes on the copyrights of another publisher or creator, and you are that publisher/creator (and own the rights) – send us an email ([email protected]) with the page link/s – and we will either remove, or modify/edit the information as required by you immediately (and we will send you an email to confirm this has been completed).