Better Meets Reality exists to better understand, or look at potential ways for improving:

  • Individual life for humans, animals, and living things
  • The state or health of the natural environment, economy and spaces we live in
  • The things we use on a daily basis
  • And other collective systems, industries/sectors, and things we’ve built and interact with in society

The term ‘Better Meets Reality’ is a representation that there are usually challenges and limitations, as well as competing interests, priorities, and trade offs, that come with trying to make beneficial progress on any one issue or problem for individuals, businesses, other groups, or society as a whole.

We accept that ‘perfect’ solutions or ‘fully complete’ solutions may not exist to some issues/problems, so we try to look at what might be a good current approach, and update that information as new information and data becomes available. The same can be said for understanding issues – sometimes it’s difficult to fully understand an issue – so we look for the best understanding with the current available data.


Consumers of information should always cross check original sources of information, do their own independent research, and use their own discretion as to what they do with any information they consume. The information on this site and that appears anywhere under the ‘Better Meets Reality’ name is general information only, and is intended as a potential starting point for further research only (and not as a final answer or solution, or advice to act on anything). The information on is not an expert opinion or professional advice. Check the ‘General Disclaimer’ page for further disclaimers.


We reference and give credit to other publishers and external sources of information in content on the site. We have done this to make it clear and transparent how the content on this site may have been formed/what it’s basis is, where it may have originated from, that the information has been researched, and, to show that the content on this site comes from a diverse range of sources.

Information that is paraphrased or modified by us usually appears in [closed brackets]. However, we have also sometimes provided a reference for non closed brackets paraphrased and non paraphrased information on the site (to show where an idea may have originated from).

We’ve made our best effort to only include researched and relevant information from other sources where they appear on this site (giving credit/reference where we have done so, and providing the full resource link in the page sources list so readers can explore the full resource). If you are the owner of content that appears on, or is referenced on this site, and you’d like it removed in full, or modified – send us an email at [email protected] with the page URL link/s, and we will send you a reply email (as soon as we read your email) to confirm the information has been removed or modified as required.